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Dance Pilates

6 East 30th St, 2nd Floor NEW YORK, NY 10016
Dance Pilates


Pilates and yoga meet a dubstep dance party. This class allows students to strengthen with sass. A fun alternative to a quiet pilates or yoga class, this class takes the mundane out of mat strengthening exercises. We will take basic core, lower and upper body exercises and add the dance party twist to it. Sure to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping while keeping a smile on your face.

Studio Overview

My name is Tauris McBride. I am the Founder of Just Keep Moving Fitness. I struggled with weight my entire life, but it wasn't until 2010, when I weighed a staggering 350 pounds that I realized it was time for a change. Not knowing how or where to start I visited a local martial arts gym and soon I was hooked. After a few months I felt such new found energy that I returned to college after a fifteen year absence. Due to my hectic schedule I was unable to continue practicing at my favorite martial arts gym, so I began taking classes in yoga, dance, Pilates and gymnastics; anything to stay active. Within a single year I lost 150 pounds and had a new lease on life. As much as I felt I had accomplished personally, it would be a hollow victory if I didn't try to help the over one hundred million people who struggle with obesity in America. It is my hope that JKM Fitness can help make a difference in the lives of others.
Our objective is to get people to drop all these preconceived notions that are preventing them from being active.

You can sign up for classes online to reserve a space
You can take any class on the schedule; in fact we suggest that you do.
You don't need sneakers. One, we have a rubber floor. Two, yoga and Pilates, boot camp and kickboxing can all be done bare foot, or in shoes (except high heels)
We have yoga mats
We have boxing gloves.
You don't need workout clothes. I do yoga all the time in a shirt and tie.
We sell water
We won't yell at you if you show up late
We won't yell at you if you leave early
We won't criticize you for doing something wrong
We won't criticize you for taking a break to catch your breath or get a drink of water


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