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Studio Overview


Our vision is to create a NYC women-only fitness and social movement that engenders positivity, self-empowerment and celebration. We know women in New York City and beyond want and need our brand of fitness, community and fun because, well, we are those women! We just knew there could be so much more to it – and since we couldn’t find it, we decided to create it. Our unique style of combining fitness at our newly opened Uplift studio with socializing and networking hits just the right chord for so many women looking for that something extra. In coming to our NYC Uplift studio, our clients are both a part of something for themselves and a part of something larger than them. They are joining a community of support and empowerment.

In other words, we get it. . .and we want to share it.


We offer the perfect forum for New York City women to experience both the hard work and the reward they need and deserve. Through outstanding customer service, a fun, club-like atmosphere and superior NYC fitness classes and programs, we want to change the fitness experience for women.

In addition to tried-and-true methods of personal training and popular group classes, we offer hybrid events at our NYC Uplift fitness and lifestyle studio that combine fitness and socializing in one class geared specifically toward women’s interests. Examples include workouts plus wine tastings, jewelry/apparel trunk shows, healthy cooking classes, book clubs/signings, movie nights, presentations/Q&A’s with financial advisers, etc. With our approach, the possibilities are truly limitless.

We appeal to women who crave something different and unique. We uplift women to take on challenges, feel good within themselves, create and supplement their social lives. . .and never settle.


Two things have been proven to improve a woman’s self-confidence and overall success time and time again: fitness and social activity. Fitness is a means to empowering oneself; women who are fit are more successful in other aspects of their lives. Also, friendship and regular social contact are huge factors in women’s happiness and general satisfaction overall.

We now live in a world where there are no limits to what a woman can do or achieve in her life. However, a lot of women - even the younger ones - don’t yet know how to take advantage of this and are still living their lives as though their options are limited. Through our programs of fitness, fun, socializing and networking, we are providing the platform for women to move past that old mentality and change the way they think about not just about NYC fitness and exercise, but about their lives and their potential for success and happiness as well. Until now the two have never been put together.

We have been there

We have taken risks

We have lost that first promotion

We have gotten that bonus

We have moved to NYC on our own

We have had our hearts broken

We have been to all our friends’ baby showers

We have done online dating

We have lost

We have found love

We have married

We have lived alone and loved it

We have bought homes

We have moved

We have made sacrifices

We have been rewarded

We have taken that crappy fitness class

We have run those 60 minutes on the treadmill

We have felt the class cliques

We want more and we know we deserve it

Welcome to Uplift.

Gams and Guns

Get those legs and arms lusted after with this 30-minute express class. During the first fifteen minutes, we focus on creating sleeveless-dress-ready guns; the last half gears up your gams for sexy skirts and shorts this summer! Shoes recommended.

Whittle Your Middle

Whittle that middle with this intense all-abs class. You’ll spend thirty minutes hitting those core muscles hard to give you that deliciously uncomfortable “I-worked-hard-and-earn-it” soreness. Shoes recommended.

Workout & Wine

After 45 minutes of intense strength/cardio training, this class is followed by a wine tasting session at our Flatiron studio, a favorite New York City restaurant, bars or cafe. Get to know your fellow Uplifters better as you unwind together!

One Day Pass

Sign up for a One Day Pass and work out on your own time. Our knowledgeable and amazing staff is always here to assist you.

Lighten Up(lift)

A cardio-sculpting class that leaves you feeling long and lean. This total body class will get the heart pumping and the muscles shaking – giving you the cardio and tone you crave, all in one class. Shoes required.

Power Vinyasa

Focuses on fundamental poses that strengthen and stretch every muscle in your body! Sequencing is nonstop, creative, fun and inspiring with an emphasis on breath and alignment. Be prepared to hold poses longer than usual to really feel the burn! Core work is included for a total body experience. Leave class glowing from the benefits of a great workout combined with a renewed sense of balance, ease and flexibility. No shoes required.

Pilates Mat

This is a fun Pilates Mat class for all levels. Working with the natural lines of the body, we will use balls, bands, weights, and the Pilates ring to strengthen your core, lengthen and balance the muscles of the legs, and tone your arms and shoulders. Build upon the strength, stability, and flexibility that already exists within you!

Workit Circuit

This class offers continuous cardio-arms-legs-core circuits to confuse your muscles and get an intense total body workout. Using only your body weight, you will work each major muscle group to fatigue – then do it all again. Shoes required.

Pilates Movement Fusion

This beginner-friendly dance-inspired class will build your overall strength, balance and coordination. We will use bands, balls and proprioceptive feedback to target those sweet spots and sculpt the muscles of your legs, arms and core. This full-body workout will leave you feeling strong, toned, and flexible!

Fit & Flow

It’s the quintessential combo class: developed in conjunction with yogi Jill Snowden, this 45 minutes of a cardio-and-strength combo is followed by 45 minutes of sweaty Vinyasa for the intensity you want and the Zen you need. Shoes required for first half.

Tighten and Tone

A total body workout utilizing resistance bands and balls, as well as isometric and ballet-inspired moves to create alluring arms, gorgeous gams, amazing abdominals, perfect posture and a divine derriere. You will leave feeling toned, tight and lifted in all the right places! No shoes required.


A jam-packed 30-minutes of intense cardio jump-roping intervals, plus hard-core abdominal work, will JumpLift you to a whole new level of fitness while incinerating some serious calories. The class is formatted for beginners as well as seasoned jumpers, so everyone will be jumping like a pro before you know it!


This cardio and strength combo class targets muscle groups to a point of fatigue while incorporating balance work to get you stronger and more sculpted. In between each section will be a plyometric exercise to keep that heart rate up. The last portion of the class will be dedicated to metabolic finishers - stringing all the plyo moves you did throughout the class together - to boost the fat burn. Shoes required.


A 45-minute high intensity interval training designed to maximize your time and effort with FOUR circuits of 60 second blocks that target different body parts that when combined result in a full body workout. Designed to increase athletic performance, boost metabolic rate, increase cardiovascular activity and increase strength with extreme efficiency. It is so good, we made it only 45 minutes. Be prepared to sweat!


It's a 45-minute dance party led by one of our experienced instructors! Don't be intimidated if you don't think you can dance - no judgement here. And there's plenty of freestyle time mixed in. Let loose and just rock it.

Leanne Shear, M.A.

Co-Founder, President, and Head Trainer

ACE certified personal trainer

CPR/AED certified

Always an athlete, Leanne played competitive basketball through high school and ran Division I Varsity Cross Country and Track in college. Once she moved to NYC, along with weight training, biking, circuits, yoga and swimming, she became a part of New York Road Runners and started racing and eventually running marathons, with a PR of 3:30:51 in the 2011 Boston Marathon. She also PR'd at the Hamptons half-marathon later that year and in 2012 has her sights set on the NYC half and the Boston Marathon.

When she’s not pushing herself, she loves sharing this passion for fitness with her personal training clients and through Uplift NYC studio's many classes and programs.

Leanne graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and has a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and Cultural Politics from New York University. Leanne is also the author of The Perfect Manhattan, published in 2005 and Cocktail Therapy: The Perfect Prescription for Life’s Many Crises, published in 2007. Her writing has also been featured in The Nation, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Glamour, Life & Style, Maxim, and Men’s Health.

Amanda Rose Walsh

NASM certified personal trainer

Certified Yoga Instructor

2008 NY Golden Glove Champion

Pre-and Post-Natal certified

CPR/AED certified

Masters in Exercise Physiology, Columbia University

Amanda's love of fitness began at the young age of fourteen when she purchased her first membership to the local YMCA. Soon after, Amanda began studying for numerous certifications to become a fitness instructor, and spent the next ten years working for New York Sports Club and CRUNCH. Her workouts are creative, interactive, fun and inspiring as she teaches not only physical fitness but mental and spiritual health as well. Trying many forms of exercise over the years, ranging from power lifting to Pilates, Amanda discovered a passion for boxing. She trained diligently for six years, competing in twelve amateur fights and winning the 2008 Golden Gloves Championship. Then, a trip to India changed Amanda’s perspective and ignited a curiosity in yoga. She found herself a year later on a remote beach in Thailand immersed in a teacher training program. The transition from boxing to yoga has allowed Amanda to apply the same principles of discipline, commitment and focus from the boxing ring to the yoga mat. When Amanda isn’t running in Central Park, biking through the streets of Manhattan, or shopping in local farmer’s markets, she acts as a positive force in the world, empowering women and sharing her passion for health and wellness with others. She is an avid world traveler, passionate vegetarian and modern city chick with hippie roots!

Carolina Walicki

ACE certified personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Carolina Walicki is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Walicki has comprehensive exercise vocabulary and experience with wide range of population. Carolina’s group fitness experience refined her skills in personalizing and tending to the individual needs of every participant. Her desire to learn and stay abreast of the most current fitness research has led her to attend many fitness workshops. Understanding that every body has unique needs, Carolina’s training philosophy is based on communication, following a specific yet flexible plan and progress assessment. Carolina uses her expertise to design time efficient workouts aimed at long-term goals of her clients.

Carrie Jacobsen

AFAA certified personal training instructor

AFAA certified group exercise instructor

NASM certified personal training instructor

NASM certified group exercise instructor

Carrie Jacobsen has been teaching and training within the fitness industry for almost 15 years, specializing in Pilates, core strengthening, body conditioning and cardiovascular endurance. She also enjoys training to compete in triathlons and credits her background in Pilates for keeping her strong and injury-free during the racing off-season. She truly loves her work, and enjoys being able to inspire and motivate people to better themselves mentally and physically. She currently teaches Zumba, Pilates, and Total Body Conditioning classes.

Chelsea Dornan

NASM certified personal trainer

Pre-and Post-Natal certified

Thai yoga massage therapist

CPR/AED Certified

Chelsea grew up in Brisbane, Australia. Her love for health and fitness started at a young age – spending her weekends on her parents' boat exploring Morton Bay, she was always in the water: diving off the side of a moving boat playing “Baywatch” rescues, body surfing, surf skiing or running around on the beach and exploring the islands. Chelsea was a member of her school's swim and cross-country teams; she also played softball, netball and touch football competitively and is a certified scuba diver—needless to say, Chelsea continues to enjoy the ocean whenever she can.

When Chelsea moved to New York in 2006, she began practicing yoga and running the parks and streets of the city. Her love for yoga led her to learn about Thai massage – a synergy of yoga stretching and massage where the client gets the full benefit of both without the hard work.

Chelsea’s philosophy to training is a total mind/body approach. She believes in finding a balance in life—when she isn’t sweating it out at the gym she is enjoying her other passions – good food, good wine and good times with friends.

Chelsea also has a BA in international business and public relations from Queensland University of Technology.

Kim Connelly

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified

CPR/AED certified

Holds several certifications by the Society of American Fight Directors

Kim studied modern dance, jazz and ballet for over six years, has been weight training and running for the last ten years, and has studied and used the Alexander Technique training for four years. Her training is a blend of years of weight training learned from specialists blended with dance conditioning exercises and the Alexander Technique to teach the body properly in order to release unnecessary tension and a stress. “I love working for Uplift,” Kim says, “because it implements fitness in women's lives as a positive and fun part of their lives and not looking at it as a grueling task. I love the empowering women with fitness and loving their bodies instead of just trying to fit into the impossible and unrealistic standards of what society tells us what we should look like.” Outside of fitness, Kim is an actor and improv comedian who also writes sketch comedy.

Michelle Mason

ACE certified personal trainer

Licensed Zumba Instructor

CPR/AED certified

Exercise has always been an important part of Michelle’s life. As a child, when she wasn’t busy playing sports or attending dance classes, she could usually be found in her basement, roller skating to the Cocktail soundtrack on full blast. In high school Michelle was on a competitive dance team, but during college she struggled with her weight. Once she moved to NYC, Michelle dedicated herself to taking off the weight in a healthy way, without sacrificing her lifestyle or giving up her favorite treats. She has maintained a 40-pound weight loss for over four years and has grown passionate about many forms of fitness in the process, including kettlebells and circuit training. Michelle got certified as a personal trainer and started teaching Zumba classes so that she could help others see how exercise can be fun and could change your life. She believes in making exercise accessible and not intimidating, and in empowering her clients to realize what they are truly capable of in the process. Michelle is thrilled to be a part of the Uplift team because she wholeheartedly believes that their approach will create healthier and happier lives for women. Michelle graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in Journalism and also earned her Master’s degree in Media Studies from The New School University.

Patricia Whitcas

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

ACE Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach

Certified Anti-Aging Fitness Specialist

Certified Pilates Mat

Patricia has been a successful independent Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 12 years. Prior to that, she was an advertising executive with a passion for health and fitness. She was fortunate enough to be ‘down-sized’, which enabled her to follow that passion and start her own business as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant. While Patricia has a wide array of clients (one of her favorites is the Today show’s Al Roker!), she has always especially enjoyed helping women change their bodies and empowering them with positive and healthy lifestyle changes. So joining the team at UpLift is a very exciting step for her. In addition to training one-on-one, she has taught women’s boxing/kickboxing, Pilates, Spinning, jump rope, boot camp classes, etc.

Patricia has also published a series of European city-specific travel guides for the health and fitness-conscious traveler, TravelFit Paris and TravelFit London, with TravelFit Rome in development.

While not motivating others to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle, Patricia loves spending time with her dog and cats, as well as helping homeless pets. And, a true Francophile, she and her husband travel to Paris as frequently as possible.

Shannon MacDowell

Shannon MacDowell was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Her love of fitness and outdoor sports was intrinsic, and ranged from downhill and cross-country skiing to sea kayaking in central and southeast Alaska. A bunhead from age 3, Shannon came East to pursue a modern dance career, first receiving her BFA from Rutgers University, then moving into NYC and joining the Amy Marshall Dance Company. Currently, Shannon also dances for Gabrielle Lamb, Tze Chun Dance Company, David Grenke Projects, and Glitterati Dance Company. When she is not dancing or teaching, you can find her out on the Hudson River, where she teaches and guides Stand Up Paddleboarding and kayaking for Manhattan Kayak Company. Shannon deeply believes in the universal power and “feel-goodness” of conscious movement, and in cultivating an active lifestyle that caters to every individual’s unique needs. Shannon is thrilled to be a part of the Uplift Team!

Vera Trifunovich, M.A.

NASM certified personal trainer

AFFA certified group exercise instructor

Licensed Zumba instructor

Pre-and Post-Natal certified

CPR/AED certified

Vera Trifunovich was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where Riverside Park and Central Park were her own personal playgrounds. So it is only natural that as a fitness professional she loves to take clients into the park or to the Hudson River for their workouts. As a former drama therapist at Bellevue Hospital where she used drama, expressive movement, and exercise as healing modalities, she truly understands the mind/body connection. A person has to enjoy the process (even if her muscles are burning and she’s drenched in sweat!)—and that’s the reason why she loves working for Uplift: because we believe in connecting women to their strength, passion, and joy through fitness and fun! Vera loves to try all new fitness-related things. Her latest passion is Zumba, the marriage of international dance rhythms and fitness. Also, as she’s training two women to compete in triathlons, she can’t help but wonder if she should join them. When she’s not pondering her next fitness move, though, Vera loves loud dance parties with her girlfriends, reading great books on the beach, and watching her amazing son surf in the ocean.

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62 Reviews

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