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Pilates Plus Orange County - Newport Beach

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Pilates Plus Orange County - Newport Beach


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Studio Overview

Lagree Fitness is a new and innovative workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. This workout is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates to achieve muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates and/or weight training alone. All in just 50 minutes! 
By incorporating the key principles of core stability and blending them with the fusion of muscle dynamics, Sebastien Lagree has created "the next evolution in physical fitness". Lagree Fitness, simply put, is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. Moving effectively out of the borders of conditioned stimulus, this workout integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance in a sequence that allows for periods of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction. The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion while allowing for low risk of injury. This sequence also promotes flexibility and elasticity. The client, at conclusion, is left with a lithe and powerful body, resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life.
This 50 minute High-Octane Shirt-Drenching workout will improve both strength and endurance, and jump-starts your metabolism. It's time efficient, burns fat, strengthens the body, tightens your muscle, as well as increase your postural alignment, elongate your muscles, and restore your body's natural balance. In addition, this quick and effective workout allows you to stay focused and get the most out of every minute. Our bodies are responsive to exercise on a continuum, not on a time-based threshold. An effective workout can be had in any amount of time, given how you manipulate the variables of the workout. People don't need more time, they just need more intensity. The body responds more to intensity than it does to the duration of a workout. A more intense workout burns more calories per minute, and will result in a much stronger post-exercise reaction (also called Post Cardio Effect.) That's right, after a Lagree Fitness class, your will continue to burn calories at a rate of a third more calories than during the workout-and this goes on for hours!! Since the birth of Pilates by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago, Sebastian Lagree has evolved it into the preferred workout of the 21st Century. Celebrities such as Rebecca Romijn, Nicole Kidman, Ben Stiller, Marcia Cross, Ali Larter, Britney Spears, Hayden Panettiere and many more are advocates of Sebastian’s Systeme Dynamique. Our Pilates system has been recognized by various institutions including Pilates Style Magazine, Fitness Magazine, In Style Magazine, Self Magazine, E Entertainment, Access Hollywood, Regis and Kelly, and due this fall for an upcoming feature on Oprah.
“We don’t throw away tradition; we stand on the shoulders of the past to find how we can see a bit farther.” Ghanga White

Beginner Intro Class

This is a class designed for beginners that are new to the Pilates Plus workout and the Proformer. In this session the instructor will go over the machine in detail and modifications for our most basic exercises. You will learn safety precautions going through a series of routines in a workshop style class and finish the session with more knowledge and confidence!

Form & Technique

This is a great class for beginners or season veterans who just want to take it slow. It is a slow burn style class with emphasis on form and technique on our most basic & traditional movements here at Pilates Plus OC. You still get the same benefits of our regular Proformer class just done at a slower pace with more attention to detail. Please feel free to ask questions during any class.

Group Pilates

The Proformer Class kicks your butt in 50 minutes you will feel this all over! Well rounded class targeting all areas and the routines are always changing! High Energy! Good Music! Great Workout! All levels are welcome.

Amy Briant

For Amy, exercise is a necessary choice if we want to live a high quality life for as long as we can. Amy’s passion for health and fitness began early in competitive soccer at the age of 4. In 2002 she began her yoga practice which led her into the development and importance of Mind Body Spirit (MBS) exercise. As well as being a certified yoga instructor Amy is a cardio lover which is how she developed her love of running and desire to become a marathon runner! In search of an exercise that incorporated both her passions, is how she discovered Pilates Plus. Amy immediately knew it was the perfect balance of cardio and MBS exercise. She sees how including the components of the SPX system into our lives benefits our muscles, bones, and nervous system. Her SPX classes focus on intensity, technique, fitness education and the importance of being in a group class setting with passionate and motivated individuals.

Since her introduction to Pilates Plus SPX Amy has since received certification in traditional mat and reformer Pilates through Balanced Body University to bring you the optimal Pilates Plus Workout. A true believer in goals and is inspired daily watching her students achieve them. Amy brings her generosity of spirit to all her classes while creating an intense demanding workout! You’ll leave her class feeling inspired, empowered and motivated realizing that it’s more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle!

Vanessa Malchev

Vanessa Malchev has had a passion for health and fitness all her life especially when it puts her mind and body in perfect balance. She has explored many realms of exercise and nutrition and has been able to find the perfect concoction to attain an amazing physical condition along with a healthy & nutritious lifestyle which will keep you feeling and looking GREAT!Her dedication for fitness was instilled at an early age of 5, while she trained & practiced ballet and jazz for over 10 years. In high school she tested the waters playing various sports and fell in love with running, this led to her motivation to finally run and complete a full marathon 26.2 miles! She was first introduced to Yoga in 1999 and has been consistently practicing and teaching ever since. She was still looking for something that was not only more challenging but would have a lasting fresh affect on her physique, something that could incorporate the feeling & results she received from running, yoga, and weight training at the gym all in less time and all in one place, hence Pilates Plus and the infamous SPX workout! She jumped at the chance to get certified as a Pilates Plus/SPX Instructor and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share this experience with everyone. She wanted to develop her knowledge of the traditional method of Pilates as well to be able to give her students a more comprehensive & meticulous class, so she received a further traditional Pilates certification through Balanced Body University.She looks forward to continuing her growth in this amazing technique and will strive to keep things fresh & motivating in every single class! When you take her class you will not only get the inspiration & encouragement you need to achieve your fitness goals but also the knowledge & awareness you need to do it RIGHT!


As a Newport Beach native, Alicia has always been involved in leading a healthy lifestyle. Throughout her life she has participated in various sports ranging from lacrosse and crew all the way to figure skating. In addition, Alicia loves outdoor activities such as hiking, riding bikes and paddle boarding. “I truly believe that living a healthy and active balanced life will provide peace and happiness.”In addition to SPX certification, Alicia is also trained through STOTT Pilates Intensive Reformer program. Due to her extensive background she pays close attention to form and alignment, making sure you are working your body correctly to gain the most out of the class. Her classes are high energy and challenging yet rewarding.After Alicia tried a class at Pilates Plus OC she was hooked. “In just one class you work every part of your body, all while enjoying yourself, you leave feeling satisfied and confident.” As an active client herself, you will be sure to run into Alicia in class enjoying every moment of the sweat, shake and burn. “There is nothing better than walking out of one of these classes feeling challenged yet accomplished at the same time. SPX has changed my life putting me in the best shape in the shortest amount of time. I guess you can say I am addicted to Pilates Plus OC.”


Brianna is a Southern California native that has been active her entire life. Growing up on the soccer fields she learned from a young age the true value of staying fit. Playing every sport she could find from volleyball and basketball to pole vaulting and rowing, it was no surprise when she earned her degree in Kinesiology from Cal State Long Beach.Brianna fell in love with Pilates Plus the very first class she took. She trained for over a year at the Pasadena studio looking for a new and exciting way to achieve her optimal fitness level and she found it! She believes Pilates Plus is the best of all work out worlds combining cardio, and strength training with the core principals of Pilates.She hopes to bring fun and new challenges to each and every class she teaches helping clients achieve the results they are looking for!

Emily Hayes

Exercise and fitness are not just a passion for Emily Hayes, but a lifestyle. Growing up in Seattle, WA she spent her childhood hiking, biking, playing sports and dancing. Emily has tried every kind of group class offered including all kinds of barre, aerobic, pilates and yoga classes but fell in love with Pilates Plus immediately after taking her first class at Sebastien's West Hollywood studio in 2007. Nothing sculpts the body and gives proven results like SPX can, while incorporating strength training and keeping your heart rate up. After attending class 4 to 5 times a week in the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa studios, she realized it was time to start teaching! "Everyday is a learning experience and I aim to bring something new and different to each class I teach."

Gianna Stremick

Gianna is a strong believer that the way to achieving inner peace and true happiness can be found through exercising not only the mind, but also the body so the two are in perfect harmony. “When I examine all the peaks and valleys in my life thus far, the only low points seem to be coupled with inactivity. This is no coincidence. As Joseph H. Pilates stated, ‘Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness.’ If only he knew, then, how prophetic his words might turn out to be in the lives of many.” Gianna’s passion is to help encourage others on their path towards achieving this balance which will, in turn, equate to happiness. An avid athlete from early on, Gianna had always explored new avenues to keep her physical self intrigued. Nothing had caught her attention quite like Pilates and SPX. . After noticing immediate results to her mind, body and spirit she jumped at the opportunity to obtain her teaching certification so she could share her newfound passion with others. Aside from the SPX certification, Gianna has also completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program for world renowned Body Arts and Science International, where she studied under the BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz. When teaching, Gianna’s optimistic approach helps motivate her students to push themselves to that next level. Her careful attention to form not only provides a safe environment for her clients but also increases the level of difficulty by ensuring proper muscle recruitment for each exercise. People find her classes to be challenging, yet rewarding.

Jen Landry

More than an instructor, Jen Landry’s personal fitness testimony, and self-manifesto are inspirations in themselves. Discovering Pilates Plus about 2 years ago, she was hooked the minute the music started blaring, the sweat started dropping, and results started taking shape – realizing that this wasn’t just your typical Pilates class. A local favorite instructor – teaching Spin and Yoga in Costa Mesa - she has dedicated her life to making people happy and healthy by pushing them to stay motivated and active! Despite Jen’s addiction to living a healthy and happy lifestyle now, she wasn’t always this way. However, through goal setting she committed herself to staying active, making healthy lifestyle decisions, embracing her self worth, and giving back to others. With these things at the forefront of Jen’s priority list, she is able to live a life of substance and meaning, where she can cherish the little things that really make the big things worthwhile.

Jen was born and raised in Costa Mesa and currently resides in Newport Beach. She loves pushing the limit and always trying new things. Being a native Californian, you can typically find her running at the beach, hiking in El Morro canyon, and paddle boarding in the Back Bay and in the ocean. Being presented with lululemon Ambassadorship in January 2011, she helps out with Run Clubs, participating in events at the lululemon stores as well as participating in the community. She is also an active participant in many races all over the US as well. To date, she has completed 9 half marathons, 2 marathons, a couple Ragnar Relay Races (24 hour relay race over 200+ miles) and an Adventure Triathlon. Be sure to check her out at Pilates Plus OC and you too will be hooked on her motivation and drive to work harder.

Kimmy Woods

Kimberley Woods has always had a passion for fitness. As a little girl she started doing tap, jazz and ballet then continuing on the dance team in high school. Growing up in Newport Beach she always kept active in outdoor sports. She has trained and learned to teach kick-boxing and boot camp classes. She is ISSA certified and SPX Pilates certified. Kimberley has competed in two fitness competitions-The Excalibur and Mrs Olympia. Kimberley believes with the right exercise and nutrition you will always look and feel great. Her favorite feeling is to see her client’s life change dramatically by losing weight, toning up, and feeling strong & confident, they are so thankful. The first time Kimberley tried an SPX class with a friend she loved it. "I couldn't believe you could get such an amazing workout in just 50 minutes." "It was fun and worked out every part of my body without having to be stuck in the gym."

Kris Pennell

Kris Pennell grew up along the Olympic Peninsula of Washington where the mountains meet the sea and all there is to do is be in the great outdoors. With a lifelong passion for hiking, white water rafting, snowboarding and mountain biking, Kris has always had an interest in challenging the elements and himself. When he moved to Southern California, the environment and climate changed, but Kris continued to pursue new activities, which adapted to his new home. His love for mountain biking transformed into a love for road biking, indoor track cycling, and ultra distance marathons, and soon he began to work in the fitness industry. “I have always thought of fitness as a way of feeling free and empowered, strong and healthy from the strength and endurance of your own body.” In 2009 Kris was looking for the TOTAL body workout incorporating cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training, and SPX/Systeme Dynamique™ was the answer. After meeting Vanessa and Amy at a community event he was giving the opportunity to instruct at Pilates Plus Newport Beach. Kris will always meet you with a smile and a challenging workout. "I never said it was easy I just promise it’s worth it"

Megan Bentley

"Sweat at least once a day. It cleanses the body, clears the mind, and energizes the soul" is one of Megan Bentley's favorite quotes. As well as teaching SPX Pilates, Megan is an AFPA certified personal trainer, with a passion for wellness. She believes the first step toward a healthier self is through exercise and smart eating habits. Megan believes everyone should love the body they are in. She loves teaching SPX Pilates because she knows how fast if can change anyone's body. Before earning her certification to teach SPX, Megan took classes several times a week, where she first fell in love with the SPX concept!Megan grew up in Portland Oregon where her love for fitness began. While living in Portland Megan spent her free time hiking, swimming, kayaking and traveling the world with her family and friends during the summers. In 2003 Megan moved to Oahu, Hawaii where she attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She graduated with a degree in International Peace Studies, and continued on to a higher education in the health and fitness field soon after. Her expertise in fitness has benefited several USA Olympians and other world class athletes over the years. In her free time, Megan enjoys taking SPX Pilates classes, bike riding, and traveling the world.

Whitney George

Growing up, Whitney was always involved in competitive sports. Before entering college and during, she grew very involved in yoga, dance, mat Pilates and studied nutrition and health. The summer before her senior year, Whitney discovered Pilates Plus West Hollywood/SPX. She took Sebastien's classes almost daily, saw amazing results and was hooked! She had been looking for a workout that can keep her lean and toned yet was fun and challenging, so Pilates Plus was the perfect fit for her! After over a year of taking classes consistently at Pilates Plus West Hollywood, she soon became a certified instructor and has been teaching at various locations since 2007. Whitney is constantly expanding her knowledge of the body in relation to fitness by studying and taking courses in various styles of Pilates and other fitness techniques to enhance the intensity of her classes. She is so excited to be teaching such a fun and life changing workout in her hometown of Newport Beach!

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10 Reviews

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Pilates Plus is a combination of weight training and Pilates. Pilates Plus utilizes the best of both: the strengthening and toning benefits of weight training, and the lengthening and postural enhancing benefits of Pilates in a circuit training sequence. Pilates Plus keeps the heart rate up and burns extra calories. You can expect to burn 500 to 600 calories in a single class! And because the support of the ProFormer it eliminates the pressure on any joints and the spine as well as prevents extra stress on the body.


It depends on your current fitness level. Most of our new students do fine in the classes. The workout is intense and challenging but the instructors are there to make sure everyone is using good form. However, if you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, it is recommended to take a private session first to assess your fitness level. We will also be offering a Technique Class on the schedule if you want to start in a learning environment.


Bring a positive attitude and great energy! Leave your worries behind, this class is for you! You need to be present minded when working out to maximize the benefits of the class. We require toezies (or any kind of socks that have rubber grips) to be worn during class to keep the environment sanitary and help you grip on the equipment TREADSOCKS ARE MANDATORY. For your convenience, toezies, towels and water bottles are available for purchase at the studio. Although we have a water dispenser, some students like to bring their own water bottles. Wear comfortable clothes that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to breathe. Jewelry is NOT a good idea. No cell phones during classes, to be respectful of others. No strong perfumes or lotions as some students are allergic and the lotions may cause you to slip. If you are about to renew, please bring your payment. Most of our clientele pay online using our automated system. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.


Yes, even if it's your first time. We require a 24hr notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. The same rules apply to any specials. During any unlimited offer, we will charge an additional $25 each time you cancel or reschedule a class without giving us the full 24hr notice. There are no exceptions, so please don’t ask!


The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more or less time to recover. We recommend 3 to 4 times a week to allow your body to properly recover and repair. But some students love the workout so much that they come 5 or 6 times a week. It’s all up to you, listen to your body.


A lot of the students swear by the combination of Yoga and Pilates Plus, saying it's the perfect combo. Some form of cardio is recommended. I would say mix it up. Variety is the spice of life. Your body has an amazing ability to adapt, so force it to adapt to new workouts and combinations. Lucky for you, Pilates Plus encompasses cardio, stretching, strength training which makes it a well balanced workout!