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Studio Overview

Uptown Pilates’ mission is to provide the highest quality Pilates instruction in a studio of unparalleled stylishness. Our instructors are all unsurpassable in their dedication to the clients and to the Authentic Pilates Method™ we teach and practice. The combination of feeling your body strengthen and the pleasure of practicing Pilates in such a serene environment is what keeps clients coming back for more and makes Uptown Pilates supreme in the industry.

Beginner/Intermediate Class (Tower & Mat)

Class emphasis is on abdominal control, breath, precision, and posture. This slower paced class focuses on basic body awareness.

Intermediate/Advanced Class (Tower & Mat)

Class emphasis is on muscle control, strength, and fluidity. Apply your knowledge of Pilates to a more challenging set of exercises.

Magic Circle Mat

A fun and creative intermediate level mat class which introduces the Pilates prop: the Magic Circle. A Magic Circle is a flexible ring 13 inches in diameter used to provide resistance and neuromuscular feedback in an exercise. This class is especially popular for toning the arms, chest, hips, and thighs.

Mat Class with Props

An ambitious intermediate level mat class incorporating free weights, Triad balls, Magic Circles and more to add variety to the Pilates mat series. This fast-paced class is a great full body workout.

Open Level Class (Tower & Mat)

Open Level invites students at different levels of their practice to experience a fluid class based on their abilities, testing their limits and offering modifications throughout the class. Prior Pilates experience recommended.

Mika Street (Owner)

Mika Street, the owner of Uptown Pilates, Uptown Pilates on Madison and Uptown Pilates Sag Harbor, graduated from Union College, NY in 2001. She joined Accenture, a world wide consulting leader, but after two years of working on projects with clients such as Pfizer and Citigroup, Mika realized her calling to be an independent entrepreneur. Her business background and love of physical fitness made Pilates studios a natural fit.

Mika received her Pilates certification through the Pilates Studio NY under the apprenticeship of Brett Howard and Sean Gallagher. As a dancer, avid sports participant and marathon runner Mika was naturally drawn to Pilates. First introduced to the method by her mother, Mika witnessed how the remarkable bone strengthening Pilates exercises were transforming her mother’s body. This left Mika intrigued by and in awe of Joseph Pilates’ method.

Mika’s 600 hour apprenticeship and her time teaching on the Upper East Side left her with a contagious love of the authentic method and a desire to spread the enjoyment and benefits to others. The Authentic Method™ of Pilates is truly unsurpassed when compared with the many alternative offshoots of the traditional discipline.

Mika’s dream to create a studio where clients receive the best professional instruction in an elegant and welcoming environment became a reality when she opened Uptown Pilates. An oasis to relax during the frantic day, where clients feel both comfortable and pampered, and most importantly, a place where they can share something in common with everyone else around – a love of Pilates.

Junghee Won

Originally from Seoul, Korea Junghee Won was certified in 1999 by Romana Kryzanowska at The New York Pilates Studio, New York City. She worked with Romana, Sean Gallagher, Bob Liekens, Brett Howard, Ton Voogt, Michael Fritzke Peter Fiasca, and with many other well known teachers at The New York Pilates Studio and Drago’s Gymnasium until joining Power Pilates in 2003 where she was certified as a Teacher Trainer under the new mentorship Director, Bob Liekens.

Junghee returned to Seoul and co-founded Korea’s first Pilates studios, Pilates Korea and Classic Pilates, which were Affiliate Teacher Training Centers for Power Pilates. In 2006 she returned to New York City and continued to work for Power Pilates Chelsea and at their Equinox Fitness studio at Columbus Circle.

Junghee has an extensive background as a professional dancer (ballet, modern, jazz, Korean traditional dance) and she performed at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. In 2001, Junghee was asked to model for Dr. Peter Fiasca’s “Classical Pilates Technique” DVD series.

Junghee earned a B.A. in Dance Education (Kyung-Hee University, 1990), an M.A. in Dance/Dance Education (NYU, 1995), and a Ph.D. in Performing Arts (Kyung-Hee University, 2004). Her published research papers include “The Effect of The Pilates Method on Dancers’ Cognitive Style and Body Awareness”, “A Qualitative Approach to the Effects of Pilates Exercise”, and “An Inquiry of Philosophy and Principles of The Pilates Method”.

After continuous teaching Pilates at the Pilates studios, the Physical therapy office and the fitness club for three years in San Diego, California, Junghee returned back to the east coast in 2011 and currently work at Can Do Fitness Edgewater, NJ and very excited to join to Uptown Pilates in NYC!

Abby Silverman

Abby Silverman has been teaching Pilates for the last three years. She was certified through Power Pilates International Training Center in NYC. She has taught extensively in Manhattan, Westchester and Fairfield County. She has also been a guest instructor in Europe and the Carribean. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in dance. Coming from a dance background, she brings an excellent body awareness and a desire to make Pilates fun! Abby is also a certified holistic health counselor and a graduate of The Institiute for Integrative Nutrition, a program recognised by Columbia Teachers College. She focuses on offering a healthy lifestyle with emphasis on personal, individual diet as well as the importance of exercise. Abby has a passion for teaching and hopes to excite her clients as well.

Adrianne Yurgosky

Adrianne studied Political Science and French at Fordham University and became introduced to Pilates. After continuously taking classes, she decided to dedicate more time to learning the method. Adrianne has primarily worked with athletes who struggle with flexibility and want to enhance their performance. However, she enjoys working with everyone and understanding how the method can work specifically for them.

Ann Marino

Ann is a former aerobics and gymnastics instructor, as well as a teacher of children with disabilities. She began studying Authentic Pilates in 2001 while living in Maine, and quickly fell in love with it. She completed over 600 hours of apprenticeship under the guidance of Bob Liekens, and received her certification in the spring of 2004. Ann became affiliated with Hope Matthew's "Sparhawk Pilates" studio in Maine, where she taught through June of 2006. With their six children now grown, she and her husband Michael are now residents of Manhattan.

Barbara Bogart

Barbara completed her certification program in 2001 through Romana Kryzanowska. She had her own studio in Franklin Lakes, NJ for seven years where she was able to work with people of all ages and body types. Barbara furthers her Pilates training with continuing education and working out with master teacher Kathy Ross Nash. Barbara’s children have grown and she recently moved to NYC.

Chelsea Corely

Chelsea began doing Pilates ten years ago as young dancer struggling with many injuries in her career. She found that Pilates helped her find strength in her dancing as well as with the rehabilitation of her injuries. She then found a deeper passion for Pilates when she saw its benefits for not only dancers, but all individuals. Chelsea attended Muhlenberg College, and graduated cum laude with degrees in Psychology and Dance. She received her Pilates training and certification from True Pilates New York, under Sari Mejo-Santos, the daughter of Romana Kryanowska, the protégé of Joseph Pilates. Through the method of Pilates, Chelsea hopes to share her passion with her clients having them feel empowered and accomplished in their workouts.

Ian Jorgensen

Ian is a dancer and performance artist, holding a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah. He completed his first Pilates certification through Half Moon Pilates in Brooklyn, New York. Always wanting more he continued his education through numerous workshops in the classical method taught by Dixie Shulman, a graduate of the prestigious Pilates Center and Roberta Kirschenbaum, who trained directly with Pilates Elder Carola Trier. Ian's Pilates sessions emphasize strength building, body awareness, ease of movement and intelligent control. The goal of each session is to leave the studio refreshed, energized and strong, living more fully and happily in your body. His teaching is also influenced by his ongoing study of the Alexander Technique, a form of learning to consciously rid the body of harmful tension and change potentially detrimental habits of physical use.

Kate Filina

Kate Filina was born and raised in Russia. She moved to New York with her family in 1992. After a lower back injury Kate discovered and fell in love with Pilates. She went through the classical certification program in New York in 2003. Since completing her certification she has been teaching in NY and Sydney, Australia. Kate is also a certified thai yoga massage therapist.

Kim Director

Kim Director believes working out and creating strength in the body should be a joyful experience. Kim has been a certified Pilates Instructor since 2004. She holds Pilates Mat certifications from LindaFit, and Power Pilates, and a comprehensive Pilates certification from BACE Pilates under the direction of Carrie Macy. Kim is also certified in Yoga TuneUp and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. Kim has continuing education in pre and post natal care, anatomy, bio-mechanics and back injuries.

Kim has learned to use Pilates to balance the body as well as prevent and rehab injury. Her philosophy is all about celebrating your body and growing stronger from within. Rather than trying to mold people into artificial shapes, Kim focuses on helping you love the body you have and becoming the healthiest you possible.

Michael Blackmon

Michael is pleased to be joining the Uptown Pilates team. As native of St. Louis, Mo , Michael was fortunate to perform in Europe, Guam, Las Vegas, and many other places. Michael moved to NY in 2002.  After a hip injury a friend recommended to try pilates , and from the first session he was hooked.  He studied the  THE LAB under owner Lawson Harris (trainee of Pilates Elder Carola Trier) in Dumbo, Brooklyn and instructor Josie Bray.  When working with clients he is patient and detail oriented. Michael’s sessions focus on strength building, body alignment, body awareness, and control. His favorite part of teaching is seeing clients become stronger and more confident. Michael continues to study methods that can aid his clients.

Monica Delgado

Monica stumbled upon Pilates after a back injury, and has been practicing Pilates since 2004. She fell in love with the method upon realizing the significance of its principles and benefits, and is now a comprehensively certified classical Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates. Coming from a physical background of competitive gymnastics and cheerleading, movement has always fascinated her, and the Pilates method seemed familiar and natural. Monica has been teaching Pilates since 2007 and furthers her training by continually working with numerous master trainers in the classical method. Her passion for the method is infectious, and her positive energy and attention to detail has helped a multitude of clients in various levels of fitness. She strives to make each session challenging and fun, and encourages clients to apply the Pilates principles to their everyday actions and movements outside of the studio.

Aside from sharing her passion for Pilates with others, she currently is a practicing visual artist, and graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines with a Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree in Painting. Other activities she enjoys are surfing, biking, running, reading, Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing), and she practices yoga frequently.

Najla Said

Najla has been doing Pilates since 1996, and was certified as an Authentic Instructor in 2004 through the New York Pilates Studio. An avid runner and lifelong athlete, she was introduced to the Pilates method by an acting teacher while recovering from knee surgery and a hip injury. Pilates was the first truly tough and satisfying workout she was able to do (and enjoy!) despite her injuries. Since she began, she has been virtually pain free, and now is thrilled to be able to watch her clients achieve the same relief as they also build a strength, flexibility, and endurance that allows them to succeed in any athletic endeavor they choose, even performing on stage! She wholeheartedly believes that anything is possible; no one should feel that an injury prevents them from getting a safely, effective, challenging, and fun workout.

Nicole Baltes

Nicole began her Pilates training in 1998 after sustaining dance-related injuries. Pilates offered her a way to rehabilitate and continue her life as a dancer. In addition to her extensive Pilates training, Nicole has had 20+ years of dance training and performing experience and taught jazz dance for a decade. As a way to bring together her love for Pilates, movement and teaching, Nicole received her Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certification and Advanced Mat Certification through Core Pilates NYC in 2009. She continues to expand her knowledge of the Pilates practice and anatomy through workshops and seminars. Nicole is extremely passionate about the abundant benefits that Pilates can bring to everyone and always looks forward to sharing this passion with her clients. She will soon be pursuing a certification in Gyrotonic® and is currently performing with Beyond Lines Contemporary Dance Company in New York City.

Nicole Lichau

Nicole’s formal studies include a BFA from SUNY Purchase graduating in 1996. It was around this time she began studying classical Pilates at the New York Pilates Studio® and then eventually became certified through the Pilates Association of America. With over 9 years teaching experience Nicole has learned through Pilates how to be balanced and prevent injury. Which allows her to continue to perform as a professional modern, contemporary dancer. As a veteran of Uptown Pilates since it’s opening, Nicole shares her extensive training and knowledge of the body. Through the teachings of Joseph Pilates her goal is to help others find a connection to themselves through their bodies. Nicole continues to grow through her extensive studies of the Pilates system. You can currently see Nicole perform with the Dzul Dance Co.

Sara Beverly

Sara has an eclectic background in the performing arts, fitness, and modeling. She was introduced to Pilates more than 15 years ago as a young dancer and it has been an integral part of her life since then. She trained at the prestigious Pilates Center of Boulder, CO, and also has extensive training in functional anatomy and movement, yoga, and the Lotte Berk Method. Sara has worked with clients from ages 11-97; clients dealing with adversities such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy; and professional singers, actors, and serious athletes. She is continually inspired by her clients and is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of Pilates for all bodies, regardless of shape or size. She holds a BA (cum laude) in Theatre Performance from Winthrop University and is currently a post-baccalaureate pre-medical student. She also volunteers as an English as a Second Language teacher and as an emergency room patient advocate. Sara has taught Pilates for seven years in New York, Colorado, and her native South Carolina.

Suzanne Lavey

Suzanne started taking Pilates in 1996 while still a principle dancer with the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center. She danced as a full time member of the Met for 34 years and retired in 2001. In 2002 she became certified in Authentic Pilates through the New York Pilates Studio Teacher Certification Program. She studied with Michael Frtizke, Ton Voogt, Brett Howard, Stephanie Beatty and Romana Krysanowska. She has taught for the past eight years and was one of the original instructors at Uptown Pilates when it opened in 2005. Suzanne has extensive experience working with clients from young adults to octogenarians and focuses on the principles and technique of Authentic Pilates as taught by Joseph Pilates. In addition to her regular teaching, she is also a teacher trainer with the New York Pilates Studio Teacher Certification Program and works side by side with instructors that she has helped to certify.

Summer Reed

Summer Reed received her Pilates training at True Pilates in NYC. Her instructors include Sari Mejo-Santos (daughter of Romana Kryanowska), Cynthia Shipley, Jerome Weinberg, and Anthony Rabara. She was taught to have a very strong, pure, Pilates foundation, while being surrounded by people who love what they do. She hopes to share the same traditions and passion with everyone at Uptown Pilates! She is originally from Austin, TX, where she discovered her love for dance as a small child. At the age of 15, she was invited to move away from home and train intensively with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Pilates was introduced to her there and she started to realize just how much it affected not only her dancing, but her everyday life. After finishing her training in Pittsburgh, she moved to NYC to pursue Pilates. She is a member of the Pittsburgh-based Texture Contemporary Ballet, which she helped found, and has trained consecutive summers with American Ballet Theatre on full scholarship. She has many hobbies including the flute and guitar, painting, cooking, and exploring the city! As an instructor, Summer hopes to leave every client feeling stronger, more confident in themselves and their bodies, and most importantly - happy! She is so honored and excited to be joining the Uptown Pilates family!

Tatiana Jerine

After having been a devout Pilates student for 7 years, Tatiana Jerine decided to become an instructor and received Pilates certifications from both Power Pilates and IMx Pilates. Though the years, she has continued to take classes and workshops to further her knowledge. Tatiana’s Pilates education and training even includes certification in pre-natal care. Tatiana believes that a Pilates regimen can benefit everyone and thus, has developed her skills and knowledge so that her clients include not only athletic people but also people who are less fortunate and who may have severe physical issues. Her scientific, holistic approach to healing the body is founded on a deep understanding of physical mechanics and cause and effect. Today, Tatiana teaches various Pilates classes throughout Manhattan and also has a diverse array of private clients including teacher, models, businesspeople and other “walks of life”. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Tatiana studied literature and marketing Urals University. After migrating to the United States, she held numerous jobs until she found her Pilates calling. Tatiana lives on the Upper West Side and is married with two children.

Vehia Walker

Vehia began her Pilates training in 2000 after a fellow dancer introduced her to the Pilates “Series of Five” abdominal exercises, which left a lasting impression. She loved the principles behind Pilates and the long, lean look it gave her body. In 2001, she attended an introductory Pilates course in New York City. Upon completion of this course, she knew she wanted to be an instructor. However as a dancer, rehearsals, performances and traveling did not allow time for anything else. In 2004, she entered the Authentic Pilates program at the Pilates Studio in New York City headed by Brett Howard. Since then, she has taught throughout New Jersey and Manhattan.

Yael Lubarr

Yael has studied ballet since the age of 5, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor degree in Dance Arts with High Honors, and a Bachelor degree in English with Distinction. While studying in the Merce Cunningham Professional Training Program on scholarship in New York City, she decided to obtain her Pilates teaching certificate from the Romana’s Pilates program, run by Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo. It completely changed and strengthened her body, making her fully aware of the benefits of authentic Pilates training, not only for dancers, but for everyone. Yael is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to teach this wonderful and effective method at Uptown Pilates.

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    I don't remember my instructor's name, but he was great! Then again, I've loved all of the instructors I've worked with at Uptown Pilates. The mat and tower classes are always well planned out - which I think is rare in the industry. The few private sessions I've done have also been amazing. Since I switched to Uptown Pilates my practice has deepened significantly. I really think it's due to the quality of the instructors. The space is nice, friendly, well lit, and in a great location. The front desk is by far the friendliest front desk around! I'm SO glad I switched to Uptown Pilates.
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